Energy reduction

During the design of our building at the industrial estate “Haven VII” in Waalwijk, the best energy-saving solution was applied to each energy-consuming activity. For instance, the cooling system consists of dry-coolers and chillers with an exceptionally high C.O.P., Coefficient of Performance. The piping system was over-dimensioned in order to minimise pressure loss. Additionally, communicating vessels are being used, so that negative pressure is created in the return pipes. The residual heat is used to heat the office and the warehouse.

The compressed air installation is frequency controlled and equipped with a high pressure closed circuit to prevent pressure loss. The granulate silos are hanging at the same height as the tube transport system, as a result of which transportation of the granulate consumes less energy.

A lot of attention was given to the infrastructure of the energy network. The power measurement takes place at 10kV. The transportation of 10 KV is done on our own premises. Transformers were installed near the users, to subsequently be able to transport 380 V in a voltage rail. This reduces transmission losses to a minimum. 

For a number of years, energy-efficiency has been an important and decisive factor when investing in new injection moulding machinery. As a result of all these investments we have been able to make great progress with regard to the environment. We believe that sustainable enterprise is the future and will eventually lead to a lower cost price of the product.