Flooring systems

Naber Plastics BV is the manufacturer of different types of synthetic flooring systems. Our moveable floors are suitable for the paving of, for instance, car parks, construction sites, concert stadiums and the construction of temporary roads. Our broad assortment of floors, varying from light to heavy, allows perfect flooring for any event. For more information please contact our partner PFS Europe BV.

Naber Plastics BV developed a moveable floor with a uniquely balanced distribution of weight:

PRO-MAX. This is our heaviest floor and it can be used to protect (artificial) grass or sand substrate. Can be applied, for instance, in stadiums as a base for heavy podiums, as a temporary road for events, as a supply route at a construction site and for the creation of temporary car parks. The difference with Pro-Track is that Pro-Max has a higher load resistance, suitable for, for instance heavy trucks, loaders and cranes. It has an anti-slip surface and is made of recyclable material. At the Olympic Games in London, we introduced the Pro-Max floor, which was used to pave several car parks.


Medium floor to protect (artificial) grass and sand substrates. Suitable for stadiums, riding arenas, sand and pebble beaches, supply routes at construction sites and the creation of temporary car parks on soft soil. Suitable load resistance for light vehicles, such as cars, vans, forklifts and cherry pickers.

This is the lightest floor, able to handle the load of pedestrians and users of wheelchairs. This floor is used to protect (artificial) grass and other sensitive surfaces. It could therefore be applied at indoor and outdoor sports fields, trade fair buildings and public parks. It is applied in tents, fair booths and at festivals or other events.

Geogrid is a smart and easy to install stabilisation system for gravel, sand and even for grass. It is used, for instance, for stabilising car parks, private driveways and fire hydrant spots. Geogrid is manufactured from recycled material, which makes it an eco-friendly solution for permanent paving.