Privacy statement Naber Plastics B.V.

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Date last modification: 5 June 2018

Naber Plastics B.V. is a leading plastics injection moulding company. We have grown to become one of the market leaders in Europe. We were able to acquire this position thanks to, amongst other things, the high quality of our products, the modern production facilities, and the fact that we respond to the desires of our clients with great foresight.


Personal data

Naber Plastics B.V. handles your information with confidentiality. Your personal data are treated and protected with the greatest possible care. Your personal data are exclusively provided to third parties if it is necessary on grounds of an assignment agreement, for the provision of services, with your consent, or pursuant to a legal obligation.

Naber Plastics B.V. obtains personal data because you provide them to Naber Plastics B.V., for example through the website, by e-mail, or by telephone. In addition, Naber Plastics B.V. can obtain your personal data through third parties within the framework of the provision of services.

We request the following information from you: name of the organisation, name of the contact person, function within the organisation, address information (office and delivery address), e-mail address, phone number, CoC number and VAT number.



Naber Plastics B.V. processes personal data to implement an agreement concluded with you, or to be able to comply with a legal obligation. If personal data are processed on grounds of consent, it will be requested explicitly.



Naber Plastics B.V. processes your personal data for purposes such as the following:

– the carrying out of an assignment/compliance with an agreement;

– entering into and remaining in contact;

– good and efficient provision of services;

– management of the client base;

– invoicing;

– improvement of the provision of services;

– reporting and analysis and improvement of the provision of services;

– compliance with legal obligations.


Provision to third parties

For the aforementioned purposes, Naber Plastics B.V. can make use of the services of third parties. In that context, personal data is provided to third parties, but only in case it is required for the implementation of your assignment. These third parties may only process your personal data on grounds of the purposes listed above and only in the context of the assignment granted to them by us. With third parties which process personal data, a processor agreement is always concluded.

Your personal data may also be provided to third parties in case Naber Plastics B.V. must comply with a legal obligation. Naber Plastics B.V. will not provide your personal data to third parties for commercial purposes, unless you have given your explicit consent for this.


Retention personal data

Naber Plastics B.V. will process your personal data for no longer than is necessary for the purposes it has mentioned in this privacy statement. That means that your personal data is kept for as long as it is necessary to reach the goals in question. In the context of the legal retention period, Naber Plastics B.V. keeps your personal data for seven years after conclusion of your account.

In case you send a job application to Naber Plastics B.V., we keep your information for four weeks in case no interview/employment follows. Upon request, Naber Plastics B.V. can keep your data for a potential new job opportunity/other position for one year. You must give your explicit consent for this.


Security of personal data

Naber Plastics B.V. believes it is important your personal data is protected against loss or unauthorised access. That is why Naber Plastics B.V. has taken appropriate security measures, including:
– up-to-date virus scan;

– accurate security phone collaborators;

– unique log-in code and password (modified regularly);

– no unsecured external hard disks;

– no unsecured back-ups are created;

– clean desk policy;

– laptop/tablet never left unattended;

– laptop never left behind in a car;

– documents are destroyed in the proper manner;

– careful use of USB-sticks.


Social media

Social media buttons are included on the website to enable the sharing of pages through the social media networks LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. If you click on these buttons, your personal data is processed by the relevant social media network. Read the privacy statement of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to learn how these networks deal with your personal data.


Your rights

You have the right to make a request to Naber Plastics B.V. for the perusal of your personal data. After receipt of your request, you will obtain a summary of your personal data within four weeks. In case thereby inaccuracies are revealed, you can request the modification, supplementing, or shielding off of your data.

you can address questions about this privacy statement or a request for perusal, correction, addition, removal, or the shielding off of your personal data privacy at all times by e-mail to:

Lianne Naber

Phone: 0416 343175


To prevent the abuse of the above rights, we ask you to identify yourself when submitting your request. You must attach a valid ID to your application. Do not forget when doing so to cross out your social security number and your picture on the copy of your ID. You can use the ‘KopieID’ app for this, for instance.

If you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data by Naber Plastics B.V., please let us know. In the event we do not manage to work it out together, you have the right to file a complaint with the privacy protection agency ‘Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens’.



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General contact details

Naber Plastics B.V.

van Hilststraat 12

5145 RL Waalwijk

Telephone: 0416 343175



Naber Plastics B.V. can modify this privacy statement. New versions are always published on the website. We therefore advise you to regularly review this statement, so you remain informed of changes.