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WeCup and Naber Plastics start a great collaboration

In 2023 we came into contact with WeCup: whether we could jointly realize and produce a new and improved version of the WeCup. We entered into the collaboration with great enthusiasm. The Netherlands is one of the top 5 countries where the most coffee is consumed. A good alternative to disposable cups is therefore a positive development towards a more sustainable future.

One WeCup replaces up to 1,000 disposable cups and will therefore be part of the deposit system for years to come. A strong and recyclable product was therefore a strict requirement. That is why we use polypropylene to produce WeCup. After their lifespan has expired, the cups are collected and recycled by us into, for example, a decorative pot for the garden. The sustainable circle is complete and we don’t throw anything away.

More attention to sustainability and the approaching climate goals mean that the Dutch catering industry is looking for an alternative to disposable cups. The new WeCup is 100% recyclable and is produced on Dutch soil. This also makes polluting transport unnecessary. These adjustments have made WeCup the most sustainable alternative to single-use packaging in the Netherlands.

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Product development

Over the years we have achieved many sustainable product improvements in the packaging industry. These innovations come from our own product development department, which can also come up with great improvements for your packaging, or shape it to your own specific wishes.

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