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For the production of plastic injection moulding products, you go to Naber Plastics. We are a family business, founded in 1989 and our vast experience has enabled us to work on the frontier when it comes to cutting edge production methods in the field of injection moulding. Our focus is to develop and produce new and innovative injection moulding products.

Innovative plastic injection moulding products

Over the past decades, Naber Plastics has become one of Europe’s most innovative plastics companies. This all starts at our production facility, located in the Netherlands at the ecological industrial zone Port VII in Waalwijk. As we are dedicated to a sustainable production at all times, we have implemented several innovative solutions to reduce our energy use up to 47%. Our in-house development department is constantly working on innovative solutions for new plastic injection moulding products. We are able to create customized packaging that meets your demands and wishes, especially when it concerns mass production. We are BRC-IoP certified to offer you the best packaging solutions regarding quality and hygiene.

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The development team of Naber Plastics will gladly take the time to tell you all about plastic injection moulding products. You can reach us by calling at phone number +31 (0)416 – 343175.

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