Sustainable & Environmental 

How well recyclable is my product? Is biomaterial sustainable or not? Shouldn’t we stop using plastic packaging materials? 

These questions are very much alive in society and cannot be answered universally because the use of a product is always different. Naber Plastics is happy to give advice about the various possibilities for each plastic injection-moulding product. We will consider the entire production process. Think about the energy use during production, transporting as efficient as possible, and reusing and recycling a product. Equally important is the use of the product. A plastic packaging for e.g. chicken sate must close properly so the food has a longer shelf life. With this, we can counteract food waste. 

The CO2 – footprint of the plastic packaging is often much smaller than the waste of food itself, therefore the product to be packaged is leading during the design phase.  

In the design of our building on the eco business park “Haven VII” in Waalwijk, for every energy consuming activity the most energy efficient solution is applied. At the end of 2019 our whole roof is equipped with solar panels and we will induce 2.000.000 kWh of electricity. Due to many investments, we have been able to make major steps in reducing our use of energy. We believe that sustainable business is the future and in the end, it will lead to a lower cost price of the product. 

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