Naber Plastics has been established in Waalwijk from the very start and is engaged in the town in a number of ways.

CO2 neutral Foundation

Since we believe that sustainable enterprise is the future, we are the golden sponsor of the CO2 neutral Foundation. This foundation helps companies in the field of sharing knowledge, regarding sustainable energy, with other companies. This way companies can organise their energy policy in CO2 neutral effective ways as much as possible. The foundation also promotes the sustainable generation of CO2-free energy.

We take the utmost account of environmental conditions and our energy policy is designed CO2-neutral. By sponsoring the Waalwijk CO2 Foundation, we hope to also stimulate our region to operate CO2-neutral as much as possible.

Would you like to know more about this foundation? www.waalwijkco2vrij.nl

ES Foundation

The ES Foundation offers anonymous and free-of-charge emotional support to people, via chat and email, who have got into trouble as a result of changes in their situation. The assisting stress managers are adults who may have all sorts of professions; from a physiotherapist or divorce lawyer to an oncology nurse or social psychologist. The support providers follow a higher vocational training in psycho-social assistance and are in the concluding stage of this training. At the ES foundation, they were trained specifically for this work. Whom is the assistance, provided by the ES Foundation, meant for? The ES Foundation focuses on people (victims), who are facing problems like violence, loss, illness and loneliness. If this happens to you, you may feel as if you have lost your grip on life. This Waalwijk foundation will be there for you, when you have difficulty facing things on your own. Naber Plastics BV supports this warm-hearted organisation with an annual donation. Would you like to know more about this foundation? www.stichtinges.nl

In addition to sponsoring these two wonderful foundations, we have also been a sponsor of football club RKC Waalwijk and “de 80 van de Langstraat”, the Kennedy march, that starts from Waalwijk every year.