The reuse of raw materials is very important. Naber strives for a circular economy and uses recycled plastic whenever possible. At the moment 70% of our production is manufactured from recycled material. 40% of this is post-industrial and 60% is post-consumer. 

Besides this, we put our focus on sustainability during the design process. We advise our clients to go for the most sustainable choice. This advice depends on the use of the product. For example:

  • Use of recycled plastic
  • Use of only mono material in the packaging for high quality recycling. Mono material helps in the sorting process at the waste processors and will eventually ensure a more pure stream of recycle material.
  • Saving in plastics, designing a packaging as light as possible.
  • Circular designing, not using the product only once, but multiple use to strive for a circular economy.
  • Advice in which material to use best. This can vary from PP to PS, HDPE or to more technical high quality plastics such as PA and ABS, but can also be (compostable) biomaterial.