The resealable food packaging without a lid

Naber Plastics BV developed the patented ‘EasyLid System’. A top seal packaging that makes use of a double sealing technique. After opening the first time, a plastic ring with foil is formed that can be used as a sealing lid. This innovative solution guarantees food safety, generates a significant reduction in the use of raw materials and energy consumption, as well as tremendous savings on the handling and logistics. Start the animation video below for a visual explanation of the EasyLid system.


In summary, this injection moulded packaging offers advantages for the entire chain, from the production of the packaging up to the consumer! The innovation is in the injection mould and top seal technology. Sealpac international has specialised in the construction of the sealing machines required to process EasyLid.

Are you curious whether the EasyLid system will be suitable for your product? Our innovation & product development department will be happy to cooperate with you.